a sophisticated product portfolio from the specialist

What sets our product portfolio apart from the rest? We are specialists in the segments we cover and have worked hard to earn an international reputation. For pipe and profile bent parts, for example, here at ASP AUTOMOTIVE we work with bending processes developed in-house and bending machines specially tailored to your needs. This means that we are in a position to guarantee our customers contours accurate down to a matter of tenths, even with complex bending processes.

Precision is not only important in the automotive sector. It is a reality at every level of our product portfolio. Day after day. Because we know what we owe our customers and, as experts, we know the justified expectations. Of course, this also applies to our milling and turning parts, welded assemblies, pre-assemblies and also to aluminium alloys. Quality has a name: ASP AUTOMOTIVE!

Pipe and profile bent parts made by experts

Here at ASP AUTOMOTIVE, we tackle the challenges of our demanding customer clientele, which is internationally positioned in the automotive sector, on a daily basis. With our self-developed bending processes and bending machines for our pipe and profile bent parts specially designed for customer requirements, we are able to guarantee contours accurate to a matter of tenths, even with complex requirement profiles. Even complicated bending processes for steel or aluminium hollow chamber profiles can be achieved using our 'intelligent' mandrel systems. Dimensional stability is thereby guaranteed.

Thermal pre-treatment is often necessary to realise pipe and profile bent parts made of steel or aluminium in accordance with customer specifications. The team at ASP AUTOMOTIVE is set up to perform this treatment in-house. This allows us to guarantee that the high strength requirements of our customers are met with pinpoint accuracy. What is important when it comes to bent parts? The radius. Here, too, ASP AUTOMOTIVE sets standards for its customers. Even radii smaller than 2 x D can be achieved. Free-form curves, large radii, bends that are two or three dimensional - all no problem for our experts. Of course, we also offer you stretch bending or CNC bending popular in the automotive sector - this considerably reduces the material influences when it comes to magnesium, steel and aluminium profiles.

Turning and milling parts - uncompromising quality

What makes the finest turning and milling technology? Anyone wanting to produce first-class milling and turning parts needs first-class machinery that is state of the art. This is exactly what ASP AUTOMOTIVE has to offer so that we can supply our customers with perfect turning and milling parts. Precision down to a matter of hundredths - that's what ASP AUTOMOTIVE stands for! As experts, we are not prepared to compromise when it comes to quality, reliability, speed and efficiency. Just the way you want it.

Each of our milling and turning machines, which are of course CNC-controlled, has state-of-the-art technology. And they are constantly upgraded as innovations emerge on the market. This enables us, your experts in the automotive segment, to manufacture even the most complex workpieces in just one setup.

Efficiency and simplification - Simplified Complexity - is our hallmark and an indispensable prerequisite for cost-efficient complete machining. This is not a dream of the future, but a reality at ASP AUTOMOTIVE thanks to robot milling technology.

Whether it is small quantities of 10, 100, 1,000 or large series with runs of 10,000, 50,000 and more - here at ASP AUTOMOTIVE, we consistently deliver first-class quality in turning and milling technology. Just like in all other areas included in our product portfolio. We do not negotiate when it comes to quality.

Experts in the thermal joining process

Every company has its own comfort zone or its core competence. Usually in the field of what made them "big". Of course, this also applies to us at ASP AUTOMOTIVE. The thermal joining process - welding - is undoubtedly part of this comfort zone or core competence for us. This includes the production of welded assemblies made of aluminium, titanium and, of course, steel. We are your team of experts when it comes to handling aluminium as a lightweight construction material. The variety offered by the different semi-finished aluminium products opens up new worlds in the automotive segment. We are not just talking about aluminium extruded profiles, but also about forgings and castings of semi-finished products, which are characterised by their low weight and low costs.

Here at ASP AUTOMOTIVE, we use our welding skills to ensure that the overall design is suitable for aluminium! Just as it should be in the automotive sector. Maximum rigidity, and everything in a weight-saving lightweight design. This allows CO2 values to be optimised.

Competence in welding

Regardless of whether it is robotic welding, MAG, TIG or the MIG welding process - our specialists are experienced in all thermal joining processes. Of course, this also means that we possess all the relevant certificates and technical tests in the field of welding.

Simplified Complexity via pre-assembly

Naturally, the team at ASP AUTOMOTIVE has set itself goals: Ensuring that your work processes are economically efficient and your success. Another objective of our company is to supply you with ready-made assembly modules. This means that you receive a pre-assembled module that can be further developed and processed in your company.

ASP AUTOMOTIVE has a team of experts to support you regardless of the type of pre-assembly of your components.

Do you prefer pre-assembly using screw connections? Should the pre-assembled module be riveted? Or are adhesive connections really what you want? No problem for us at APS AUTOMOTIVE. We also have also mastered steel and aluminium bonding to perfection. Just as you would expect from us. We can, of course, also provide modules in pre-assembly with press nuts or marking metal.

Aluminium alloys made by experts

Reducing weight is paramount in the automotive sector. By using lightweight aluminium, CO2 values can be reduced in an economical way - thanks to weight reduction. The lower the weight of the vehicle, the lower the consumption, the lower the emission of CO2 - Simplified Complexity. ASP AUTOMOTIVE uses aluminium alloys for high-strength crash alloys thanks to our expertise. This means that high strength grades and an exorbitantly good crash capability must be generated even for profiles with thin walls and low weight. We see this as our core competence.

We operate with a wide variety of aluminium alloys according to customer-specific requirements. From the medium-hard to the natural-hard variant, we are perfectly aligned to the customer's specific requirements. This is why we work with the following specifications:

  • EN AW 6005
  • EN AW 7005
  • EN AW 6060
  • EN AW 7020
  • EN AW 6063
  • EN AW 7050
  • EN AW 6082
  • EN AW 5083
  • TL 116 N 20/24/26
  • TL 116 C 20 /24/26/28
  • WS2002 / 2003
  • DBL 4919.10/20/30/40
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