The development of innovative manufacturing processes and the cost-effective production of complex structural components

As a specialist in the field of space frame components, our customers see us as a groundbreaking partner in the European automotive industry. We owe this standing at ASP AUTOMOTIVE to the expertise that flows into each of our production processes.

But it was not the knowledge of manufacturing even the most complex structural components that gave us our place in the market. Speed combined with a high degree of efficiency is what our customers can expect and demand from us. These two factors are paramount, both in the development segment and in terms of profitability.

ASP AUTOMOTIVE - Simplified Complexity as identity and corporate strategy

Here at ASP AUTOMOTIVE, we are not only committed to the development of innovative manufacturing processes and the cost-effective production of complex structural components. Cost-effectiveness is an integral and essential component in order to generate or maintain competitiveness, especially in the automotive sector. Keeping processes lean and in the interests of our customers - this is what we are referring to when we talk about Simplified Complexity, simplification or streamlining complex requirements.

The specifications and requirements you entrust to us at ASP AUTOMOTIVE are realised in simple, straightforward ways. But for which areas does Simplified Complexity apply? For you as our customers, for us as a company, for our employees and for all our partners in the market. Everyone who cooperates and works with us benefits from Simplified Complexity, which makes their job easier.

Simplified Complexity - the simplest way to work together efficiently

We at ASP AUTOMOTIVE offer you - our customers and cooperation partners - a high degree of knowledge and expertise. We are the experts in the production of space frame components. We have worked hard to establish our name in the industry, for our excellent reputation with partners in Germany and abroad, and our qualification as experts in the segment of complex structural components.

We also know about the sensitivity involved in the development and production of components. We at ASP AUTOMOTIVE are committed to quickly attainable solutions - even with complex requirements.



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